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Creative Recreation Sneakers For Men

For us to collab and create together makes our products have more meaning because of the passion and understanding put into building the brand. • For sneakers with a suede or leather upper, we would recommend cleaning with a damp, soft cloth or spot cleaning with a specialist leather or suede cleaner. Suede sneakers can also be maintained with a suede protector spray.

Our family of retailers and customers have an emotional attachment to Creative Recreation; And we are driven to keep them satisfied. We created a new side logo that enables the brand to expand its identity and adapt a new look as we transition and transform for the next wave of CR fans. Yet, the identity of Creative Recreation remains unique, quality product for free spirits and creative fashion leaders. Taking a modern approach to the classic, low-top sneaker, the brand’s Kaplan design is reworked in a combination of materials and sits on a durable rubber sole. The design is one of the label’s most popular, and is understated, save for the brand’s logo at the heel and side.

Recreation is looking to infuse its brand with a bolt of energy, embodied in the brand new Zeus silhouette. The latest product updates and lifestyle news will embark shortly. Creative Recreation sneakers are designed with both form and function in mind.

By keeping both their prices and production runs low, Creative Recreation’s consumers can continue to buy exclusive shoes at a price that won’t break the bank. This means, that die hard fans can rock their favourite sneakers with the confidence that no one will be cramping their style. In a time when designers are having to compromise and brand’s sales are shrinking, the team at Creative Recreation is doing quite the opposite. In 2006, Barneys New York approached the brand to do a limited release shoe to be sold exclusively at their New York stores, becoming a highly coveted release for Creative Recreation aficionados, season after season. Founded in Los Angeles in 2002, Creative Recreation aims to synthesize the polished artistry of high-fashion footwear with the creative energy of the streets.

Dissatisfied with what the footwear industry was offering, the founders came together to create a crossbreed shoe, combining the comfort of a sneaker with the style and quality of a dress shoe. Give your off-duty closet an ultra-cool makeover with the latest range of Creative Recreation sneakers. Featuring supple leather, unusual detailing and vibrant color pops, these shoes are at the cutting edge of contemporary sportswear. Over the years, they have developed 23 different shoe patterns, releasing about 200 different styles per season in limited runs, offering something more like a collector’s piece than a mass-consumed athletic shoe. Indeed, many fans of the brand, including young creatives and hip hop stars alike, collect the shoes religiously. Perhaps the most interesting lesson that can be learned from the brand is the idea of affordable exclusivity.

  • To clean mesh sneakers, use a soft brush to remove any excess dirt with light, gentle motions. Sneakers can then be washed in a small bowl, with warm water and a small amount of gentle laundry detergent. Avoid fully submerging your sneakers or using bleach, which can sometimes cause discoloration and alter the shape of the shoe. Finish by wiping down the exterior of the shoe, and allowing to air dry naturally.

Jason is a genius at recognizing lines and shapes. He can tell if something on paper will execute in an instant. Jason is multitalented and even better, he gets the Creative Recreation DNA and mission.

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