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Castle Mountain Recreation At Wellington Lake

Morning paddles on the lake are pure glass, and in the evenings things are usually quiet by 10 pm. A four-season recreation facility situated along a beautiful sweep of mountainside;with satellite facilities strung along a 7-mile stretch of the Connecticut River. Bogus Basin Recreational Association, Inc. is a 501 non-profit organization dedicated to accessible, affordable and fun year-round mountain recreation and education for the Treasure Valley Community. Bogus Basin is so much more than a ski area – it’s a year round destination for recreation and education.

Pence Park provides a trail head for the popular Bear Creek Trail where it’s possible to hike or bike all the way through O’Fallon and Corwina Parks. Pence Park also offers a hiker-only experience on Independence Mountain Trail, which is a two-mile loop up the flanks of Independence Mountain. Little Park serves as the first trailhead on the Bear Creek Trail which connects Lair O’ the Bear, Corwina, O’Fallon and Pence Parks. Little Park’s 400-acres were acquired by the City of Denver in 1917 and are characterized by steep canyons and ridges covered with Ponderosa Pine and Douglas Fir forests. To help protect this sensitive landscape, no public access to the steep southern portions of the park is offered. The regional Jefferson County Pioneer Trail runs along the western edge of the park, with other parks and recreation areas nearby.

Most of the park is closed to public use due to their presence, but visitor access along the sandstone mesa provides scenic views and can be found along the Daniels Park Road at a historic shelter and two other viewing areas. The Upper Corwina parking area serves as a trailhead for the Panorama Point Trail, which is a steep, pedestrian-only 1.5-mile trail leading to expansive views at Panorama Point. This trailhead also provides access to Bear Creek Trail just .7 miles away. Bear Creek Trail is open to both hikers and mountain bikes.

A second parking area directly across the road provides fishing access and a short walk to a historic stone picnic shelter built in 1918. At the end of the lease period, the City of Missoula will have the option to purchase the Marshall Mountain Base Area Property for $1,850,000. The acquisition will be subject to the standard City open space acquisition processes, including an extensive public process with multiple opportunities for citizen engagement, culminating with a City Council vote. Potential funding sources may include but are not limited to the 2018 City-County Open Space bond, grants, and public/private partnerships.

The district’s board and management will use the information gathered as part of these surveys — as well as other public outreach and feedback opportunities — to decide whether to place the question on the ballot. Survey results will also help determine the scope of the projects. On March 1, 2021, Denver City Council approved an agreement with Starr Peak Holdings, LLC to accept 450-acres of Axton Ranch in Jefferson and Gilpin Counties to Denver’s mountain park system.

The lake is part of the Echo Lake Potential Conservation Area and has high biodiversity significance for its rare and globally vulnerable sub-alpine plants, including reflected moonwort, Mingan moonwort and western moonwort. Erving’s geography provides outdoor enthusiasts with several recreational opportunities. Enjoy fishing, hiking, rafting along the Millers River, and rock climbing.

We have not encountered any rude staff nor obnoxious camper neighbors. Sad to see such a great place with so many good family memories go so far downhill. From Covington, take 220 North to Hwy 39 and turn left on Hwy 39. Take Hwy 39 to Hwy 600 and turn left on Hwy 600 towards the campgrounds. After about 7.5 miles turn right on Twin Ridge Drive for all campgrounds. Stay straight to head towards the store & marina, an overlook of the lake and McClintic Point.

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