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Moon Mountain Recreation Area

Denver’s bison herd has been important in protecting genetic diversity and supporting population recovery, and for connecting Denver residents and visitors to an important part of our native ecosystem.Learn more. Echo Lake Lodge is a historic log building that was built in 1927 and is a seasonal gift shop and restaurant. Forest Service, DPR maintains Mount Evans Road and scenic byway which leads to Summit Lake and Mount Evans Recreation Area during warm-weather months. Trails from Echo Lake Park connect to the Chicago Lakes and Bear Track Lakes trails, accessing the Mount Evans Wilderness Area and the summit of Mt. Evans. Sign up for our community newsletter and be first to know about Mountain Recreation news, specials, events, and more.

Or, he noted, they may believe that community recreation programs are more important than ever, especially coming off a global pandemic that reinforced the need for mental health outlets and quality of life amenities. The Eagle Pool is one of the most popular spots in town every summer, but the facility is now 18 years old and in need of large-scale improvements. That is one of the projects Mountain Recreation Metropolitan District is contemplating, and local residents will have a chance to weigh in on that plan in a survey effort that is launching this week. In winter, activities include ice fishing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and more. Izzy Dog, LLC owns the Marshall Mountain Base Area Property and is offering the Missoula community a unique opportunity to preserve Marshall Mountain and build a mountain-based recreation area that residents can readily access and enjoy.

But a $60 million ask would tick off a number of the most requested improvements, McCormack noted. The question now is whether or not local residents are interested in paying for the improvements they have said they want. In the coming weeks, Mountain Recreation hopes to have that answer. McCormack noted that while Mountain Recreation’s facilities are popular, they are aging.

My husband and I and our family have been regular visitors to Wellington Lake since 1994 and we were always welcome to fish and camp. I do not recommend this place anymore my husband and I and my family are trying to find another place to hang out even if it’s for the day. The campground sits on the northern end of Lake Moomaw, a manmade lake covering 2,530 acres along the Jackson River. The lake is held by Gathright Dam, constructed in the 1980’s by the Army Corps of Engineers for flood control. The lake’s average depth is 80 feet and it has 43 miles of wooded shoreline making it the second largest impoudment in western virginia.

Denver’s Mountain Park system began forming in 1912 with the acquisition of Genesee Park. At 2,413 acres, it is the largest Denver Mountain Park and offers large picnic areas, hiking, outdoor recreation programming and camping at Chief Hosa Campground, along with an event rental space at Chief Hosa Lodge. Genesee Park is also home to one of Denver’s bison herd, providing unique wildlife viewing opportunities for both park visitors and travelers on Interstate 70.

Picnic, vehicle parking and restroom facilities are available in the central portion of the park—it is a popular spot for family picnics and fills up quickly during the summer months. O’Fallon Park is home to an extensive system of trails, all of which are closed to mountain bikes except Bear creek Trail which connects to both Corwina and Pence Parks. However, there is no mountain bike access to this trail within O’Fallon Park. O’Fallon Park’s 860 acres was donated to the City of Denver in 1938 and connects Corwina and Pence Parks to create 1,487 acres of protected open space that sustains various habitats in the Bear Creek corridor. It is a popular spot for fishing and other recreational activities. Daniels Park is also home to one of Denver’s bison herds which roams on prairie grasslands in the park’s upper elevations.

Please review the Marshall Mountain Park rules and trail map before visiting. Public access is permitted by an agreement with the property owners, Izzy Dog, LLC. If users do not follow the posted rules and guidelines, the site could be closed. Please use the park safely, responsibly and respectfully to preserve future community access. This is certainly a set-back to moving forward with Vulture Mountains Recreation Area. We have four campgrounds here at Bolar Mountain Recreation area; Sugar Ridge, Campground 1, Campground 2 & Campground 3 respectively.

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