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By September, the Road to Mount Evans summit is closed but access to the park is maintained until major snowstorms impact safety and prohibit travel. Acquired in 1914, Fillius Park is located along Highway 74 and was an early resting spot for the popular scenic drive through the foothills. The 107-acre park has two short loop trails with picnic areas and a historic stone structure oriented toward beautiful views of the Continental Divide. The City is working with many community partners, including Missoula County and Five Valleys Land Trust to secure this area for future generations. As part of the company’s commitment to environmental awareness and sustainability, FirstLight maintains and operates nature trails and recreation and environmental programs at our facilities in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

While camp hosts enjoy many of the benefits of the ‘lifestyle employment’, wage is part of the package. Depending on the campground or facility in which a host works will determine the number of hours assigned, ranging from 10 – 40 hours weekly. In addition to a wage, we recognize a monetary value for sites and amenities provided to camp hosts during employment. Full hook-up sites are not always guaranteed at all locations.

The Eagle Pool and Ice Rink is now 18 years old and the Gypsum Recreation Center marks its 15th anniversary this year. The Edwards Field House is the youngest Mountain Recreation structure, but it is now 13 years old. While there have been various remodels at the three sites, none of them has undergone a large expansion since opening.

Visitation averages 50,000-70,000 visitors a year with the primary activity comprised of riding ATV’s, motorcycles, sand rails, dune buggies and side by sides. Sand sailing and sand boarding are also practiced by those adventurous enough to brave the OHVs and the climb to the top of the dune. Primitive camping is available at the base of the dunes and facilities are limited to six fault toilets.

It’s one of just a handful of non-profit recreation areas in the country. This means that 100% of the profits go back into equipment, facilities, outreach and more. Mountain Recreation has a good track record for partnership. The town of Eagle helped finance construction of the pool and ice rink and the town of Gypsum helped make the rec center happen. Additionally, both communities contribute to annual operating costs.

Lower Corwina is on the north side of the highway and offers picnic areas and a restroom, along with a short nature trail. Rocky Mountain Recreation Company operates all of the developed campgrounds in the San Isabel Forest, near some of Colorado’s highest mountain peaks along the Continental Divide. This forest draws crowds of all types, from fisherman to horseback riders, from family reunion groups to small backpacking duos, from ATV riders to downhill mountain bikers. In this large, diverse forest, you can find and enjoy almost any recreational activity. Our disc golf pro shop is connected to miles and miles of magnificent hiking and snowmobile trails.

Picnic, vehicle parking and restroom facilities are available in the central portion of the park—it is a popular spot for family picnics and fills up quickly during the summer months. O’Fallon Park is home to an extensive system of trails, all of which are closed to mountain bikes except Bear creek Trail which connects to both Corwina and Pence Parks. However, there is no mountain bike access to this trail within O’Fallon Park. O’Fallon Park’s 860 acres was donated to the City of Denver in 1938 and connects Corwina and Pence Parks to create 1,487 acres of protected open space that sustains various habitats in the Bear Creek corridor. It is a popular spot for fishing and other recreational activities. Daniels Park is also home to one of Denver’s bison herds which roams on prairie grasslands in the park’s upper elevations.

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