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Dogs under the Christmas Tree

dog under the treeJust two weeks until Christmas and most of us haven’t done all of their Christmas shopping. So some of us might still look for the perfect gift for our family and friends. A dog or other pet might seem like the most special gift you could buy for your loved ones. But there is a catch: pets and especially dogs are no gifts, but a choice for life. This choice shouldn’t be a surprise for another person even when this person is crazy about animals. I remember when my husband and I got our first dog. To pick out Käthe involved weeks of research, contacting different breeders and meeting the puppy before making the choice to include it in our little family. When Käthe finally arrived we knew we were prepared for her and had plenty of time to get to know each other and slowly adjust her to our daily routine. To me Christmas always was the busiest time of the year where many people come together, stuff lying on the floor and it is louder than usual. It must be a quite stressful start for a new family member to move in at Christmas. Furthermore one should remember that a pet always involves other costs  like food, vets, training, dog walkers or pet sitters and so on and most important is very time consuming. So even if you want to get a pet for an animal lover it might be not the best gift as it was originally planned to be, simply because of a lack of time. So if you want to buy a dog or another pet for Christmas talk about it with everyone that will be involved in caring for it later on. Make sure you will have the money and time to care for it in the future months and years. And remember that for your puppy there is nothing more sad than to be returned once settled in your home. Even when it might be best for the dog or pet to go to another home in the long run, it will still break its heart. So please avoid buying pets spontaneously.
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